09 January 2015 | Dear diary..:

We get to make the new album! Very cool gifts will be with you in the new year. The full album is available as demo’s and rehearsals on Soundcloud. Click the widget on the right to get a sample of what you’re going to get! ———————>

Neville, Sarah, Melissa, JJ, Scott & Sara

“Just when you think you can’t go any lower, you find out you could be Neville Elder of Thee Shambels. The Lost Gun video is a country-folk amble down Loser Lane, except— except there is always a silver lining. This makes me laugh and is oh, so true, or at least seems that way for so many people,” Watch it here thanks to Bob Segarini

“Like A folk dance through a graveyard in broad daylight” – Michael Doherty.

Here’s our Youtube channel.